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About Briefing Room

For whom is the Briefing Room intended?
This web site is posted by the Government Communication Office and is meant foremost for Estonian news media. The aim is to expedite the flow of information between the Government and the media. At the same time, the Briefing Room is available to anybody interested in information pertaining to the Government. A good example would be the employees of governmental agencies who often need to know how a meeting of the government is going, or what did the Prime Minister discuss with one or another diplomat.

NGO`s, private business, and the ordinary citizen, also, have free access to the Briefing Room. Information can be obtained directly by accessing the Home Page, or by subscribing to the e-mail service. As part of the e-mail service, we have compiled several different information packets which can be ordered separately or all at once.

How to use the Briefing Room and What is Available?
The Government Communication Office generates a lot of information every week. On Wednesdays, the Office issues a commentary on the regular Thursday meetings of the Government. Advance information on the following week´s activities of governmental offices is prepared on Fridays. The Communication Office issues brief news statements and press releases daily on the activities of the Government and the Prime Minister. All of these items can be seen in the Briefing Room and they can be ordered, also, by filling out a News Requisition Form. After the submission of the completed form, you will be sent the requested information via e-mail. In addition, one can subscribe to RSS news feed available in Estonian.

How Official and Exact is the Distributed Information?
The information released by the Office is official and exact. But as life has shown, no Home Page can be 100% secure and free of incursions. We will do everything possible to protect the information in the Briefing Room, but it is recommended that before publicizing critical news items, they be checked by either calling (+372) 631 6792; 631 6706 or comparing the item with other sources, such as e-mail or the fax.

Why is this page called a "Briefing Room"?
Information is obtained from a briefing. Resembling a regular press conference, briefing is somewhat more flexible and personal. Estonia´s word "briifing" is borrowed from the English and synonyms used in Estonian are, "info hours", "review", or even, "brief seminar".
None of the synonyms, however, imply swift, exact and brief delivery. Calling its Home Page a "Briefing Room", the Government´s Communication Office wanted to emphasize its swift, exact and direct delivery.

People attending a briefing are looking for that kind of delivery and the objective of a briefing is not to influence daily news, but to release correct and exact information, to provide background material and position explanations. The purpose of briefings is to minimize factual errors in, and mistaken interpretation about, public information.

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