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Government Communication Unit, 03 March 2011 09:43

Estonia will promote the use of electric cars under a Green Investment Scheme

The Government of the Republic of Estonia has approved the sale of 10 million AAUs to Mitsubishi Corporation. Under a Green Investment Scheme the proceeds will be invested into establishment of a country-wide charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. In addition, around 500 electric cars will be provided to the use of social workers and a grant scheme will be launched to support the purchase of electric cars by private individuals.

The charging infrastructure consisting of around 250 quick charging stations, which will enable to charge the car battery to 80% of its capacity within 30 minutes, will be installed over 2011-12 and will cover all major cities, main highways and important transport links.

The provision of 507 Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric cars to social workers will enable to promote the environmental and energy savings related awareness at over 200 Estonian municipalities, as well as improve the quality of social services.

The grant scheme will enable around 500 Estonian private individuals to acquire an electric car who can choose between any electric car that has obtained an EU type approval.

More concrete terms for support will be established by the Ministry of Economy and Communications and the grant scheme will be operated by KredEx.

In order to guarantee the full environmental effect of the programme including the reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions related to conventional fossile energy sources, all owners of electric vehicles will have to start consuming only electricity generated from renewable energy sources through a Guarantees of Origin scheme.

The implementation of the programme will support Estonia’s goal to achieve a 10% share of the use of renewable energy in the transport sector and within only a few years Estonia with a population of only around 1,4 million people will most likely become a country possessing the most dense and modern electric vehicles charging infrastructure and with most electric cars per capita.

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