450 legal acts to enter into force from New Year

29.12.2011 | 11:00

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Tallinn, Stenbock House, 29 December 2011 – On 1 January 2012, close to 450 newly amended single texts of legislation and national regulations will enter into force, including nearly 140 single texts of legislative acts.

As on every New Year, many legal acts will enter into force on 1 January, and these will have a bearing on the everyday lives of very many people and organizations.

The best overview of the single texts of legal acts entering into force on 1 January 2012 can be obtained by visiting the website of the Riigi Teataja, or State Gazette, at www.riigiteataja.ee and searching by date of entry into force. The last few days of 2011 will also see the inception of legislation signed into law by the President of the Republic and regulations established by the Government of the Republic and the cabinet ministers.

The Government Communication Unit has posted an overview of the forthcoming legal acts that will have the most significant implications (in estonian): http://www.valitsus.ee/et/uudised/taustamaterjalid/51492/ulevaade-2012-aastast-joustuvatest-oigusaktidest

Including the relevant single texts, the Riigi Teataja has published more than 4,000 legal acts this year.

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