Andrus Ansip: The European Union Reform Treaty is a significant message of peace

13.12.2007 | 15:00

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Finland, Turku, 12 December 2007 – Today, Prime Minister Andrus Ansip presented the message of peace at the ecumenical Christmas service held at Turku Cathedral. The recording of the festive religious service will be broadcast on Christmas Day, 25 December.

In the speech held at the Cathedral, the Prime Minister recalled that the Tartu Peace Treaty, signed almost 90 years ago, brought the long anticipated time of peace to both nations. According to the Prime Minister, the Reform Treaty to be signed in Lisbon is also a significant message of peace, affecting 27 Member States of the Union and reaching even further.

When comparing the development of Estonia and Finland, Ansip brought illustrative examples of the common grounds of the history and culture of the two countries. The universities of Turku and Tartu were founded in the same decade, and the first official own language bible and book were also published chronologically close together.

According to the old tradition of Christmas peace, the carrier of the message of peace will bring a symbolic gift to Turku. Andrus Ansip presented the hosts with a facsimile or an exact copy of the Bible published for the first time with the full text in Estonian, which was published in Finland in 1739. The gift inspired by the history of literary standard refers to Mikael Agricola, whose year is celebrated in Finland this year. When handing over the gift, the Prime Minister stressed that the scripture is the basis for a literary standard.

In 2000, President Lennart Meri attended the event at the Turku Cathedral as a carrier of the message of peace.

Tomorrow, 13 December, Andrus Ansip will depart for Lisbon with Matti Vanhanen, Prime Minister of the Republic of Finland, to sign the European Union Reform Treaty.

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