Andrus Ansip: the funding of research and development activities to increase considerably

19.12.2007 | 11:23

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Stenbock House, 18 December - Prime Minister Andrus Ansip gave an overview of the status of Estonian research and development activities in front of the Riigikogu.

The Prime Minister noted that the increase in the competitiveness of Estonia is directly dependent on the success of research and development activities and innovation policy.
In 2008, the government will invest BEEK 1.98 in research and development activities. “The aim is to increase the proportion of total expenses on research and development activities to 2% of gross domestic product by the year 2011, of which one half would be made up by investments from the private sector,” Ansip said.

The total volume of the development plan “Knowledge-Based Estonia 2007-2013” is almost BEEK 25.
Supported within the framework of this plan are direct investments into development activities, introduction of new technologies, cooperation between research institutions and companies, as well as an increase in innovation-awareness and innovatory spirit in general.
According to the Prime Minister, in the Estonian context, the fields in which we have scientific potential and where international development perspectives can be seen are being focused on in Estonia. Biotechnology, ICT and the development of energy technology are priorities.

In the development of top science, the next generation of scientists cannot be ignored, the Prime Minister stressed.
“This is why in 2008, the government will increase the basic cost of a students place in higher education by 30%, which will sharply increase state financing of higher education,” said Ansip.
As significant new initiatives, the Prime Minister cited out the support system for recruiting new development employees at companies, and innovation shares through which companies are supported for the implementation of specific development projects in cooperation with the university.

The Prime Minister noted that 2009 will be the year of innovation in Estonia, giving a good opportunity to contribute to the achievement of goals in research and development activities.

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