Andrus Ansip met with Prime Minister of Iceland Halldor Ásgrimsson

24.10.2005 | 16:47

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Reykjavik, 24 October 2005 — At his meeting today with Prime Minister Halldor Ásgrimsson of Iceland, Andrus Ansip expressed his delight that relations between Estonia and Iceland are very good. The Prime Ministers discussed economic issues and also participation in NATO missions.

Throughout the period following the restoration of Estonia’s independence, Estonia has felt Iceland’s strong political support for our aspirations. In August of next year, 15 years will have passed from the day when Iceland recognised the Republic of Estonia, being the first of all foreign countries to do so.

“It was a day when the small country of Iceland set an example for the large countries. The year 2006 is symbolic for the relationship between Estonia and Iceland. To celebrate it, Estonia wishes to express its gratitude and host a high-level visit from Iceland,” said Ansip when handing over an invitation to his colleague.

Prime Minister Ansip also thanked Iceland for its support in the boundary agreements’ issue between Estonia and Russia. “It is very important that the European Union and NATO partners support us unanimously. Estonia has done everything she can to enter into the boundary agreements — signed and ratified them,” said Andrus Ansip.

Other topics discussed at the meeting were economic reforms and the open and transparent economic policy that has been a success both in Estonia and Iceland. Prime Minister of Iceland Halldor Ásgrimsson commended Estonia for her rapid development. “Your success, both in the European Union and towards NATO, has strengthened the entire Nordic cooperation,” said Ásgrimsson.

As for other international topics, the participation of Estonia and Iceland in NATO missions was discussed. Iceland, as a founding member of NATO, and a small country, considers it very important to take part in international missions. Like Estonia, Iceland participates in missions to Bosnia and Kosovo, and plans to increase participation in province reconstruction in Afghanistan.

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