Budget disputes diminished support for European Union

29.12.2005 | 16:23

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Stenbock House, Tallinn, 29 December 2005 — According to a survey conducted by TNS Emor, in December, 60% of the citizens at the age where they are allowed to elect supported Estonia’s membership of the European Union. Compared to the previous month, support has decreased by 5%. Above all, the share of firm supporters has undergone a decline: from 32% to 26%.

According to Emor, the declining support reflects the European Union budget disputes that were topical during the period and the pressure put on the new member states to make concessions.

In the judgment of the Government Communication Office, the results of the survey do not reflect the positive year-end messages about Estonia’s success resulting from its European Union membership. People have not yet acknowledged the agreement reached on the European Union budget, proving that the enlarged Community is able to make decisions that are important for the future.

The share of the respondents supporting conversion to the European common currency in Estonia has also slightly decreased. In December, 37% of all the Estonian residents aged 15–74 supported the adoption of the euro (in November, 41%).

In relation to the conversion to the euro, the residents most fear price increases: this was pointed out by 62% of the respondents; 31% of the respondents feared that the value of salaries and savings would diminish.

During the periods 30.11–7.12 and 14.12–21.12.2005, TNS Emor conducted a survey among 1004 Estonian residents aged 15–74 within the framework of an omnibus survey. Of them, 752 respondents were citizens of the Republic of Estonia at the age where they are entitled to participate in elections.

The full survey can be found on the homepage of the State Chancellery at the address: http://www.riigikantselei.ee/?id=372

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