Cabinet meeting decides to deny Nord Stream AG’s request to conduct marine investigations in Estonia’s exclusive economic zone

06.12.2012 | 15:28

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Tallinn, Stenbock House, 6 December 2012 - The government decided at today’s cabinet meeting to consent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs proposal to withhold permission to conduct investigations, citing clauses 8 (2) 1) and 2) of the Economic Zone Act.

The provisions in question stipulate that assent for research may be refused if the research provides information about the volume of natural resources in Estonia and the possibilities for their use or the research plan provides for drilling on the continental shelf, use of explosive materials, disposal of health damaging agents into the sea, or otherwise endangers the preservation of inorganic or organic natural resources.

The Foreign Ministry consulted other ministries, agencies and institutes to determine the permissibility and conditions for the investigations. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is responsible for issuing a directive either granting or denying the permission for the request.

Nord Stream AG submitted the application for investigations in the Estonian economic zone on 22 August 2012. Estonia has to respond to the request by 22 December 2012.

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