Dissemination of Official Statements, starting at 2000, 06.01.2000

06.01.2000 | 00:00

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Disseminationof Official Statements, starting at 2000.


Toompea - December 29, 1999

In accordance with paragraph 24 of thestatute on the issuance of The State Bulletin, the Secretary of the Chancerysent out bids on November 16, 1999, for publication of Official Statementsby newspapers with nationwide circulation. No newspaper responded to thebids.

Considering the fact that Official Statementscould not be publicized in the future in a nationwide newspaper, the Chancerycharged its agency, The State Bulletin Publishers, to issue Official Statementsas its publication. Another consideration was the necessity to keep thecosts of publication at the current level.

The law requires the issuance of the statements,and all statements will be issued as Official Statements by The State BulletinPublishers.

Please send all statements and announcementsdesignated for publication in The Official Statements to The State BulletinPublishers in printed form and electronically.

The State Bulletin Publishers will disseminateThe Official Statements via organizations that distribute newspapers. Inthe future, it will be possible to order the publication separately. TheOfficial Statements will be sent, also, to all municipal governments andlibraries where one should have access to them without cost. All statementswill be issued electronically on the same day that the printed copy appears,and they can be accessed at the State Bulletin electronic database address.

Official statements do not appear by adefinite date, but at least once a week.

Additional information about publicizingstatements can be obtained by writing to: The State Bulletin Publishers,Lossi plats 1a, 15163 Tallinn; or telephoning: 6316872, 6316866; or e-mailing:teataja@rk.ee

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