In Estonia, half of the population support the adoption of the euro

18.12.2008 | 11:31

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Tallinn, Stenbock House, 18 December 2008 – According to a survey organised by TNS Emor, half of the population of Estonia support the adoption of the euro; the number of opponents has dropped below 40 per cent.

According to the survey organised in December, 50 per cent of the Estonian population aged 15-74 support the adoption of the single currency euro. Compared with the previous survey period, the three per cent increase in the number of supporters is small, but the decrease in the number of opponents is what is worth attention. The proportion of the opponents of the adoption of the euro – 39 per cent of the population – is the lowest in the past three years. The level of support does not differ across sociodemographic groups; support among non-Estonians is somewhat lower.

The support to the membership of Estonia in the European Union remains at a stable high level: it is supported by 82 per cent of the voting age population of Estonia. The support has been more or less on the same level since May 2007.

On 9-11 December, an Omnibus method survey was conducted by TNS Emor telephone, involving 500 residents of Estonia aged 15-74. 395 of these were voting-age citizens of the Republic of Estonia.

The survey was ordered by the State Chancellery.

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