Government to allow family members of top specialists from third countries to relocate to Estonia

19.02.2021 | 13:07

Stenbock House, 18 February 2021 – The Government issued an order today according to which highly qualified workers from third countries can relocate to Estonia with their family members even if they come to work on a visa or visa-free basis.
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According to the amendment, an employee from a third country can immediately be accompanied to Estonia by their family members if the employee starts working as a top specialist, in a professional position at a start-up company or as an ICT specialist.

Based on the current regulation, the family members of a highly qualified employee from a third country could come to Estonia after the employee who had initially came to Estonia with or without a visa had received a temporary residence permit to work in the country, allowing them to invite their family members to Estonia as well. However, with the amendment made to the order today, the family members will be allowed to enter the country immediately with the alien who is employed here.

On the basis of the explanatory memorandum of the order, maintaining restrictions on the involvement of family members is not justified, as working as a top specialist, at a start-up company or as an ICT specialist brings great added value for the Estonian economy and they are more than welcome here. However, the restriction on bringing family members along may lead them to decide that they prefer to settle in another country.

The order enters into force upon signing.

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