The Government announced a reservist training for 669 reservists

06.12.2017 | 14:07

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Stenbock House, 6 December 2017 – The government had an extraordinary e-meeting to announce a regular additional reservist training for 669 reservists taking place on 6–10 December 2017. The Estonian Defence Forces will call up reservists.

The Commander of the Defence Forces has made the suggestion to call up the mechanised 13th Infantry Battalion of the mechanised 1st Infantry Brigade to an additional reservist training. The reservists who received a call-up have to gather in the Jõhvi garrison today.

“I wish to thank in advance the reservists responding to the call-up, as well as their employers, family members, and loved ones for their understanding. It is crucial that the called-up reservists participate in the reservist training,” said Prime Minister Jüri Ratas. “This additional reservist training enables Estonia to make sure whether we are prepared to strengthen our national defence if necessary. Security is not created out of thin air, which is why regular trainings have to be organised also in times of peace – we need to maintain our emergency response capability, from the Government of the Republic to the formed units.”

Jüri Luik, Minister of Defence, admitted that even though the government pays compensation to the reservists attending the reservist training, compensating the pay gap of the employee or maintaining it for the duration of the training is a remarkable contribution and serves as an example for others. “I wish to acknowledge all employers, whose understanding of the necessity of their employees’ participation in reservist trainings is very important. A few days’ absence of a good specialist might be a challenge for many companies, but it is a valuable contribution to the development of a free Estonia.”

In accordance with the National Defence Act, the Government may organise an additional reservist training, which, unlike regular reservist trainings, enables practising and checking the accelerated mobilisation readiness of the reserve units of the Defence Forces, without a 120-day advance notice. The additional reservist training also provides the opportunity for practising the decision-making process of military readiness at the government level. The extraordinary checks of units are also carried out in other countries. The costs related to the additional reservist training will be covered from the budget of the area of government of the Ministry of Defence.

People in reserve can check whether they have been called up for the additional reservist training from the national defence obligation register in the National Defence section of the State Portal at

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