The government approved an order concerning the easing of COVID-19 restrictions

10.06.2021 | 14:28

Stenbock House, 10 June 2021 – The government approved an order pursuant to which the easing of cross-sectional restrictions will take effect from tomorrow and all restrictions on closing times will be lifted. Cruises between Tallinn and Stockholm will also be allowed again. As an important change, the requirements for one-day trips to Estonia will be relaxed from 1 July.
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Easing of restrictions

Thanks to the improved epidemiological situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the easing of restrictions for indoor and outdoor events, activities, and on-site eating and drinking, which was previously planned to enter into force on 14 June, will take effect tomorrow.

For example, up to 600 people will be allowed to participate in indoor events and activities at 50% occupancy. Outdoor events held in a limited or unambiguously demarcated area may have up to 1,000 participants. For example, the 1,000 participant limit must be complied with in village squares, city parks and squares, and other similar places. The number of participants who can attend events or activities that take place in large unlimited areas will not be limited. Visitor areas of museums and exhibitions will have a 50 per cent occupancy limit.

From 11 June, there will be no time restrictions on indoor and outdoor events and activities, as well as on-site eating and drinking in catering establishments.

From 14 June, events with a larger number of participants will be allowed, provided that infection safety is ensured. Read more:

Tallinn–Stockholm–Tallinn cruise

From tomorrow, leisure trips on the Tallinn–Stockholm–Tallinn route will be allowed again. However, the restrictions related to visiting Sweden must be taken into account, pursuant to which returning to Estonia may lead to self-isolation if the number of positive coronavirus tests per 100,000 inhabitants in Sweden is more than 150; currently, the indicator is 227. The indicator is updated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs once a week on Fridays and can be monitored on the website of the ministry: At the same time, conditions are set out for avoiding the need to self-isolate. These can be read on the website.

One-day tourism to Estonia

From 1 July, people will be allowed to visit Estonia for up to 24 hours without the obligation to self-isolate on the condition that the person has been tested for the coronavirus with a PCR test up to 72 hours before arrival in Estonia or an antigen RDT test 24 hours before arrival in Estonia and received a negative test result. Persons who have recovered from COVID-19, have been vaccinated, or are considered equivalent to a vaccinee do not need to be tested. Children under the age of 12 also do not need to be tested. In addition, the current rules pursuant to which people from countries with a low infection rate do not need to be tested will remain in force.

Tourists arriving on cruise ships, as well as those coming from Helsinki or Stockholm on day trips, and people who come to Estonia for one day by air, bus, or car can also visit Estonia for up to 24 hours.

The restrictions are eased taking into account that the risk level of coronavirus spreading in Estonia has dropped to moderate or yellow. The number of cases per 100,000 people in the last 14 days is on a downward trend, as are infection and hospital occupancy rates and other critical indicators of the healthcare system. At the same time, it is important to keep in mind the guidelines to follow when the risk level is moderate, which can be read in more detail here: One important recommendation to follow when the level of risk is moderate is to wear a mask in closed, poorly ventilated, and crowded rooms.

The Government Communication Unit will publish the order and the explanatory memorandum on the website; the order will also be published by Riigi Teataja.

Government Communication Unit