The government approved the proposals of the Minister of Defence regarding support for Lithuania

29.07.2021 | 21:20

Stenbock House, 29 July 2021 – At today’s cabinet meeting, the government discussed the situation on the Lithuanian-Belarusian border and approved the proposals of the Minister of Defence regarding aid for Lithuania as part of Baltic cooperation.
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According to Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, the attack against Lithuania also has an effect on Estonia and Latvia, and she plans to discuss ways to resolve this crisis with her colleagues in other Baltic countries in the near future. “The wave of refugees arriving in Lithuania is an organised hybrid attack that affects all Baltic states. Lithuania has our full support,” said Kallas.

According to Minister of Defence Kalle Laanet, the situation is further complicated by Zapad 2021, the large-scale Russian-Belarusian military exercise that is due to begin soon, and the units that will be placed near Baltic borders for its duration. Laanet highlighted that so far, Estonia has provided practical aid to Lithuania. “We have sent them the barrier wire required to strengthen their borders, and an ESTPOL5 team, dispatched by the Ministry of the Interior, is also operating in Lithuania. In addition, we are sending unmanned aircraft systems of the Defence Forces to Lithuania and are willing to provide support in carrying out procurements and obtaining additional barrier wire,” said the minister of defence.

Furthermore, on the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, cooperation in various forms will be strengthened and contacts will be exchanged to ensure international support and possibilities for further actions against persons and organisations facilitating illegal migration will be discussed. On the initiative of the Government Office, a cross-authority action plan will be created to support the Lithuanian government.

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