Government approves order reducing the number of people allowed to attend uncontrolled public events and activities

26.07.2021 | 19:00

Stenbock House, 26 July 2021 – At its session held today by means of telecommunication, the Government of the Republic adopted amendments to the order, agreed upon at the Cabinet meeting on Thursday, to reduce the maximum number of participants in both indoor and outdoor events and activities without implemented infection controls, in order to limit the spread of COVID-19.
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From 2 August, events and activities that are not preceded by a check of the visitors’ infection safety, i.e., the check of a certificate of vaccination, recovery or negative test, will be allowed to have up to 500 participants indoors and up to 1500 participants outdoors. At present, the total number of people who can take part in such indoor events and activities is limited to 1000, with up to 5000 being able to attend outdoor events.

For events and activities where the organiser of the event checks whether all attendees have a negative test result, have recovered from COVID-19 or have completed a COVID-19 vaccination course, the current arrangement will remain in place, with up to 6000 people being able to participate indoors and 12,000 outdoors.

The changes apply to public meetings and events, including conferences, theatre performances, concerts, cinema showings, entertainment services, church services, museums and exhibitions. In addition, they apply to sporting, coaching, youth work, leisure activities, recreational education, refresher training and continuing education, the organisation of sports competitions and sporting and physical activity events, and also apply to saunas, spas, swimming pools, aquatic centres and swimming pools for public use.

The current restrictions will continue to apply to shops and service points and to the indoor premises of catering establishments. This means that dispersal must be taken into account in the placement of people and disinfection requirements must be met. Wearing a mask in public indoor areas is recommended.

The limit values have been set based on an assessment by the Health Board. In its assessment, the Health Board took into account the projected level of infection at the end of August, the vaccination coverage of the population and recovery from COVID-19, and the fact that the delta strain of the coronavirus has a prevalence of more than 90 per cent in Estonia and a 60 per cent higher rate of infectivity than the alpha strain. Large events promote the spreading of the virus, and lowering the number of events is the next most effective tool after vaccination coverage, and several cases of infection have occurred at sporting and entertainment events in Estonia. 

With the order approved today, the Government formalised the decisions taken in principle at the cabinet meeting on Tuesday. Read more:

The Government Communication Unit publishes orders and explanatory notes on the website, with the order also being published in Riigi Teataja.

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