Government decided to send an Estonian rescue team to the crisis area in Indonesia

29.12.2004 | 13:58

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Tallinn, The Stenbock House, 29 December 2004 - During the emergency meeting this afternoon, the Government decided to send an Estonian rescue team of fifteen members on a two-week mission to the crisis area in Indonesia.

The team includes 10 medical workers, two field officers, and three members of logistic support; the government has budgeted the mission at EEK 2.94 millions. The Government made its decision with a purpose to mitigate the destructions of the disaster considering the appeal by Indonesia to the European Union and the readiness and the skill of the Estonian rescue team. The Government also took into account the information from the Minister of Interior, according to which the Ministry of the Interior and the Police board are ready to send three members of the Disaster Victim Identification team of the Estonian Police into the crisis area, if necessary.

The fifteen-member rescue team is ready for immediate dispatch; at the moment, the question of transportation is being solved. The action of the team in Indonesia is facilitated by the presence of A. Parts, the member of the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination team in the country. The function of the team will be to give medical aid on the field hospital base. The tasks of the mission include evaluation of the situation of the injured, giving medical first-aid and stabilizing the patients, surgically intervening if necessary to save lives, preparing the injured for transportation, and gathering and forwarding medical information to prevent possible health hazards. According to the plan, the rescue team will live and work autonomously in its base camp.

Estonia has already allocated EEK 500 000 to the Red Cross from the 2005 resources for development cooperation and humanitarian aid of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to relieve the destructions caused by the earthquake in South and Southeast Asia. The funds will be transferred at the beginning of the next year.

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