Government Decides on Additional Training Exercises

01.12.2016 | 12:52

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The Government has issued an order today to organise an additional training exercise for 303 reservists from December 2 to 5. The units called to the exercise named Okas (Needle) by the Defence Forces include the 433rd infantry company organized by the Võrumaa district of the Estonian Defence League, and the 10th Support and Signal Company, assigned to reserve in 2014 after the Kevadtorm exercise.

The aim of the additional exercise is to train the chain of command of the National Defence; from the decision making of the Government, up to the reservist level in the rapid response unit achieving full combat readiness

All reservists expected to participate in the additional training exercise, Okas, will be notified by the Defence Forces personally.

The National Defence Act that entered into force this year modernizes the principles of Estonia’s national defence and stipulates the possibility of calling reservists to arms quickly, within 24 hours.

The Defence Forces will call the reservists to the additional exercise via post, e-mail or text messages, using e-calls in the state portal and by publishing notices of additional exercises in print media, the Internet and the national Public Broadcasting Company.

Information about the additional training exercise and the units to be called is published on the homepage of the Defence Forces at Links to this information will also be published on the websites of the Ministry of Defence and the Defence League

Reservists can check whether they have been called to the additional exercise in the National Defence Obligation Register section of the state portal Home → E-services → For a citizen → National Defence → My data in the National Defence Obligation Register. An ID card, a mobile ID or an Internet bank connection can be used for logging in to the portal.

Almost 2000 soldiers of the Defence Forces and members of the Defence League will participate in various training exercises this weekend. In the Virtsu-Lihula-Vatla region of Läänemaa county, the autumn exercise of the Defence League will take place with approximately 900 members of the Defence League participating. There will be 200 members of the Defence League and 50 police officials training for the securing of Toompea in the course of the “Toompea lukku” (“Locking up Toompea”) exercise organised in cooperation with the Police and Border Guard Board. A total of 400 members of the Defence League will train to protect the airport in the readiness exercise “Põhjatäht” (“North Star”) in the vicinity of Tallinn Airport.

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