Government summarised today the fulfilment of action programme in 2012

20.12.2012 | 14:29

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Today the Government Office submitted to the government an overview of the implementation of the Government of the Republic Action Programme 2011–2015 in the second year of activity of the government.

In 2012, the subjects of the highest priority for the government include reduction of the tax burden and applying a more needs-based approach to various work and study allowances, reforms in the education system and public services as well as investments in transport infrastructure and promotion of energy conservation.

The implementation of actions of the “Government of the Republic Action Programme 2011–2015” in 2012 provides an overview of the most important actions performed this year as set out in the coalition programme and of overdue actions specified in chapter 18 of the coalition programme. An overview of the main actions performed and initiatives launched in 2012 can be found on the website of the government at:

A more detailed overview of the performance of the action programme analysing the trends of the government objectives will be submitted to the government together with an updated action programme in April 2013.

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