Ivangorod´s Spigots to Open, 12.11.1998

12.11.1998 | 00:00

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Ivangorod`s Spigots to Open

November 12, 1998.

Yesterday's telephone conversation between Prime Minister Mart Siimannand Russian Federation's Deputy Prime Minister Valentina Matviyenko providedreasons for turning on the water for Ivangorod. The government discussedat its meeting last night the moneys owed by Ivangorod to the Narva VesiCorporation. The government decided that based on the conversation thePrime Minister and Valentina Matviyenko had yesterday, the water spigotsfor Ivangorod can be opened.

Raivo Murd, Mayor of the City of Narva, spoke this morning with therepresentative of the Russian government in St. Petersburg and the DeputyGovernor of Leningrad County and decided, also, that water can be issuedto Ivangorod. "I was given assurances by the representative of the Russiangovernment that weekly payments will be made. We were ready to turn thespigots open this morning at 9 o'clock, but Ivangorod was not yet readyto receive the water," said Murd. "The spigots will be open as long asthe payments are made," the mayor added.

Prime Minister Siimann told the cabinet members yesterday of his conversationwith Deputy Prime Minister Matviyenko. Matviyenko told Siimann that theRussian government has allocated 500,000 rubles to the Leningrad Countyfor the solution of problems with Ivangorod, and it will allocate 400,000rubles weekly, thereafter, until the Estonian-Russian IntergovernmentalCommission meeting. After that, the Russian government will present toEstonia an assistance proposal to end the water crisis.

The government informed the Narva city fathers of the situation andit believes that high level promises made by Russia will open ways to solvethe problems.

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