Jüri Ratas: The main goal of the coalition is to improve people’s living environment

20.12.2016 | 14:35

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Stenbock House, 20 December 2016 – Prime Minister Jüri Ratas commented on the Supreme Court’s judgment concerning the constitutionality of the Administrative Reform Act that the administrative reform will move forward by fully acknowledging the Supreme Court’s judgment.

“The Supreme Court’s judgment to declare the main part of the Administrative Reform Act constitutional provides an additional confirmation that the administrative reform will continue,” Prime Minister Ratas said. “Most importantly, efforts must be made to improve people’s living environment. Therefore, we will increase the discretionary powers of local authorities and their revenue base for providing their residents with high-quality and accessible services.”

“The administrative reform has been a discussion topic over the past twenty years, and today, there is a clear understanding that it must be made a reality in cooperation with local authorities. I would like to recognise all municipal council members, municipal council chairmen, rural municipality mayors, mayors, local government associations, and other parties, who have made their contribution to succeed in the reform,” Prime Minister Ratas said.

“The joining of rural municipalities is required for advancing local life, and in doing so, the most important factor is to ensure a safe and good living environment,” Ratas said. The Prime Minister confirmed that it is possible to allow some flexibility with regard to finding a reasonable solution for somewhat worrisome requirement to have at least 5,000 residents to form a local authority.

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