Mart Siimann meets with France`s eurominister, 04.12.1997

04.12.1997 | 00:00

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PRESS RELEASSE, December 4, 1997.

Siimann meets with France's eurominister.


Prime Minister Siimann met today with Pierre Moscovici, France's eurominister.Siimann thanked Moscovici for France's support of Estonia's efforts tobecome an EU member, and gave high marks to the relations between Franceand Estonia. According to Siimann, economic relations between the two countriescould be intensified.

France's eurominister agreed that Estonian-French relations are verygood, especially in the cultural area.

Siimann raised the question of possible visa-free travel between Franceand Estonia. Moscovici said that France has to follow Schengen countries'visa policies.

Siimann and Moscovici said that the preconditions for visa-free travelare an extradition treaty and stronger cooperation between the interiorministries of Estonia and France.

Speaking of eurointegration, Moscovici emphasized that all candidatecountries must feel that they are still part of the process when at theEU Luxembourg meeting this month it is decided to start accession negotiationswith only some of them.

Siimann and Moscovici also discussed the matter of informing the publicabout joining the EU.

Moscovici said that it is important to give people unembellished andunderstandable information, explaining to them what changes membershipwill bring to their lives. Moscovici also said that it is difficult forone country to give another direct advice on how to inform its public.


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