Ministerial Committee for NATO given overview of air security

22.12.2003 | 00:00

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Tallinn, Stenbock House22 December 2003The Estonian Ministerial Committee for NATO gathered today at Stenbock House to receive an overview of the surveillance and protection of the airspace of Estonia as a NATO member country.The Committee found that the applicable legislation needed to be supplemented in order to actualise air security. Additions must, for instance, be made to the Peace-Time National Defence Act and the Border Guard Act. The possibility of involving foreign states in the protection of Estonia´s airspace should also be set out at the level of law. A number of international agreements are also needed. There are also many technical issues of air security that need solving.Agreement has been reached on the level of the Baltic States to set up a joint working group for airspace surveillance and protection issues. The working group will gather for the first time in January 2004.The Ministerial Committee was created in 1999 to discuss issues of Estonia´s accession to NATO. The Committee is led by the Prime Minister and involves the Ministers of Defence, Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, Finance and Justice, and the Commander of the Defence Forces. Government Press Office Phone 693 5792, 693 5706

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