The opposition agrees to government`s budget changes proposals, 04.12.1997

04.12.1997 | 00:00

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PRESS RELEASE, December 4, 1997.

The opposition agrees to government's budget changesproposals.


For the fourth time this week a meeting between the Prime Minister andthe representatives of the combined opposition took place today at Toompea,and the opposition accepted the proposals made last night by the coalitiongovernment.

The proposal increases by 20% the allocation for teachers, and up to20% for other workers in educational and cultural institutions (museums,libraries, academies), and for rescue and nursing home workers. This translatesinto 133 million crowns in the national budget.

The Finance Committee of the Riigikogu (parliament) will continue towork on the funding of the proposed increase.

Prime Minister Mart Siimann acknowledged the readiness to compromiseby the combined opposition, stating that the coalition government, also,put in much effort in order to find a solution. Should the national budgetbe adopted on time thanks to the achieved compromise, it will show thata minority government can govern in Estonia, Siimann said.

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