Parts: EU must respond to Ukrainian events

22.11.2004 | 12:09

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Stenbock House, Tallinn, 22 November 2004 - This evening, Prime Minister Juhan Parts sent a letter to Jan Peter Balkenende, Prime Minister of the Netherlands holding the presidency of the European Union, in which Juhan Parts voices his concerns about the presidential elections in Ukraine.

"I am sure that you have followed the events in Ukraine just as closely," Parts expressed in his letter addressed to the other members of the European Council besides the President, the President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso and the EU High Representative for CFSP Javier Solana.

"Several international organisations monitoring the elections in Ukraine, including the OSCE, have found that severe breaches of law occurred during the elections. The elections in Ukraine did not conform to the international standard of democratic elections," wrote Juhan Parts.

"I believe that this time, a prompt response by the European Union is necessary as Ukraine is one of our most important partners and neighbours. We have to make every effort to support adherence to democratic traditions and contribute to the alleviation of tensions," Parts emphasised in his letter.

Prime Minister Parts takes a position in his letter that the European Union must persistently persuade the Ukrainian authorities to analyse the organisation of the elections and their results and stand for the holding of free and democratic elections.

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