In pictures: on board a frigate of the Royal Navy, Ratas thanked the United Kingdom for their long-term support

12.12.2018 | 21:51

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Tallinn, frigate HMS St Albans, 12 December 2018 – this evening, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas attended a reception celebrating 100 years of friendship between Estonia and the United Kingdom at the Old City Harbour in Tallinn. In his speech on board HMS St Albans, a frigate of the Royal Navy, Ratas thanked the United Kingdom for helping Estonia to ensure and strengthen its security during the Estonian War of Independence and today.


"It was exactly hundred years ago, at the beginning of the Estonian War of Independence that a British fleet arrived in Tallinn. The ships brought equipment for the Estonian troops, but more importantly, they encouraged people and brought hope to all Estonians. Hope in the fact that we had friends to support us and boost to our struggle that was surely going to lead to an independent Estonia,” said the prime minister. On board HMS St Albans, Ratas confirmed that Estonia remembers and respects all the victims of the War of Independence, which includes 112 British soldiers.


“In the modern world, solid alliances and good contacts are very important to us. UK is the framework nation of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence battlegroup in Estonia. But these links are strong in many other areas as well, like business, education and culture. Most importantly, these ties are very strong between the British and Estonian people,” Ratas said.


Frigate HMS St Albans will be in Tallinn until 15 December and will be open to all visitors during the last day of her visit.


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