Prime Minister Ansip to participate in European Union’s Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius

28.11.2013 | 13:47

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Tallinn, Stenbock House, 28 November 2013 – Prime Minister Andrus Ansip will participate in the 3rd summit between the European Union and Eastern Partnership countries, from 28-29 November, in Vilnius. In addition to the heads of government or state of the European Union, the heads of the six partner countries in the Eastern Partnership – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus – are taking part in the summit.

Also participating in the summit are EU institution heads and various representatives of the European Commission.

At the meeting, work on the conclusion of association agreements, including broad free trade agreements between the European Union and the partner countries, will be assessed. The corresponding agreements are intended to support reforms in the partner countries and to speed up their political and economic integration with the European Union.

According to the plan, paraphrasing of the association and free trade agreements between the European Union and Georgia and Moldova will take place in Vilnius.

According to the initial plans, the signing of an association agreement with Ukraine was also planned, although Ukrainian authorities recently announced they were suspending preparations for signing the association agreement.

In Estonia’s opinion, association agreements serve as important milestones in the development of cooperation between the European Union and Eastern Partnership countries. Estonia supports the close integration and cooperation of its eastern neighbours with the European Union.

The European Union launched the Eastern Partnership based on the assumption that the removal of trade barriers and expansion of the free trade zone, which is supported by democratic structures and a transparent legal system, is beneficial for all parties.

The Vilnius summit begins on the evening of 28 November and ends the following afternoon.

Prime Minister Ansip will return to Estonia on Friday evening.

The Prime Minister will be accompanied on his visit by Villu Känd from the Government Communications Office (+372 52 754 24).

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