The Prime Minister Goes to Helsinki Thursday, 08.12.1999

08.12.1999 | 00:00

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The Prime Minister Goes to Helsinki Thursday

Prime Minister Mart Laar leaves for Helsinki on the morning of December 9 in order to attend the summit meeting of the expanded European People`s Party. The Estonian Prime Minister will meet with the Finnish Coalition Party (Kokoomus) chief and Minister of Finance Saul Niinisto.

On Friday, December 10, he will speak at the seminar, "Enlarging Europe, dedicated by the European People`s Party to EU enlargement. Laar`s topic will be "Increasing the competitive power of EU candidate countries." On Friday, the Estonian leader plans to meet with Mikulas Dzurinda, the Prime Minister of Slovakia, and with Riitta Uosukaisenen, the chairman of the Finnish political party Eduskunna.

The European People`s Party is the united party of Europe`s Christian Democrats and conservatives, forming the largest faction in the present European Parliament.

Laar will meet with Latvia`s Prime Minister Andris Skele on Saturday morning. Also on Saturday, Laar is invited to a luncheon attended by the heads of state and governmental leaders of the EU member countries and EU associate countries. Foreign Minister Toomas Hendrik Ilves is also in Helsinki as a representative of Estonia.

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