Prime Minister Introduced Estonia to US Businessmen in London

08.12.2004 | 14:20

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London, 8 December 2004 - In describing to US businessmen in London today the investment opportunities in Estonia, Prime Minister Juhan Parts stressed the readiness of Estonian society to accept changes. "We have agreed that Estonia´s future lies in being a knowledge-based and skills-based society. This means faith in the people, their creativity, and their ability to cope. The key elements in Estonia´s development are the education system and active labour market policy, connection between the natural improvement of individuals and the needs of society," said the prime minister in describing the development of Estonia to US businessmen.

In talking about the Estonian economic policy, the prime minister highlighted the strict budgetary policy adopted in the 1990s in Estonia. "Estonians are by nature economical. Today, the foreign debt of our
central government is small, constituting only about 4% of GDP. At the same time we have also developed a tax policy in Estonia that promotes efficiency and entrepreneurship," said Parts.

"The ability of citizens and businesses to communicate easily with the government is a prerequisite for a simple, quick-acting government. This is the origin of the Estonian e-government concept. In this area I believe we have been quite successful. In a recent global e-government survey Estonia ranked fifth. Whatever that place is I too like to fill out my tax return on the Internet. It´s simple and easy. This is what a state as a whole should be like for its citizens - simple and easy to communicate with," said Parts in describing to the businessmen how the Estonian state operates.

Over 100 US businessmen and bankers attended the conference on investment opportunities in the Baltic States organised by the US State Department.

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