Prime Minister Mart Siimann hears from the British counterpart, 15.12.1997

15.12.1997 | 00:00

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PRESS RELEASE, December 15, 1997.

Prime Minister Mart Siimann hears from Britishcounterpart.


Tony Blair, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, in a letter today toEstonia`s Prime Minister Mart Siimann assesses the European Union (EU)summit conference in Luxembourg as highly successful and states on behalfGreat Britain, the next country to chair the EU, that the EU enlargementprocess will start in March of next year with the meeting of the foreignministers of the member states and the candidate states. Immediately followingthe meeting, Great Britain plans to start EU negotiations with Estonia.

Blair said that the Luxembourg decision is a decisive step for Estoniaon its road to EU. He stated that Great Britain considers progress in thenegotiation process its tenure`s high priority.

The British Prime Minister states that Great Britain wants to lead theEuropean Conference and the strategic planning for the negotiations. Inthe letter, Blair expresses his conviction that EU enlargement must bea process that includes all countries, because "we have a responsibilityto seize this historic opportunity to end the divisions that have scarredour continent for far too long."

Blair writes that he is impressed by the progress made in Estonia sincethe restoration of independence. Decisions adopted in Luxembourg are confirmationof Estonia`s rapid development. The British Prime Minister hopes for aclose working relationship with Estonia during Great Britain`s tenure aschair and looks forward to meeting Estonia`s Prime Minister at the openingmeeting of the March European Conference in London.

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