The Prime Minister meets with Chinese Ambassador, 29.10.1998

29.10.1998 | 00:00

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Prime Minister Meets with ChineseAmbassador

October 29, 1998.

Prime Minister Siimann met today at Toompea with Zou Mingrong, the newAmbassador from the People's Republic of China. The Ambassador conveyedto Estonia's Prime Minister the greetings sent by China's Prime Minister.The Estonian Prime Minister asked the Ambassador to convey his greetingsand good wishes to the Prime Minister and the people of China. The Ambassadorinvited the Prime Minister to visit China.

The Ambassador and the Prime Minister stated that relations betweenEstonia and China are excellent. Siimann said that the relations got agood foundation at the time of the tenure of Sun Dadong, the previous Ambassadorfrom China. Siimann and Zou agreed that the relations between Estonia andChina have developed under the strong initiative of both Estonia and China.

"Estonia follows China's economic reforms and development with interest,"Siimann said. The Prime Minister also wanted to know how Asia's financialcrisis has affected China's economy.

Zou expressed the hope that the worst of Asia's financial crisis isover and that trade among the Asian countries is returning. In his opinion,Russia's economic problems are of greater concern presently to China.

Siimann inquired about the flooding in China and the Ambassador repliedthat it is past and the Chinese government has made comprehensive investmentsinto flood control in order to prevent possible losses in the future.

Zou acknowledged Estonia's good results produced by the transition toa market economy. "China supports completely and without any reservationsEstonia's movement toward the European Union and respects Estonia's decisionto have the best possible regional security guarantees," the Ambassadorsaid.

According to Siimann, Estonia is interested in the growth of trade withChina. At the moment, imports from China exceed Estonia's exports to China.Siimann and Zou also discussed the possibility of an Estonia-China directair-link.

The Prime Minister and the Ambassador discussed the establishment ofa Chinese products distribution center in Estonia. Siimann said that Estoniacontinues to be very interested in such a project. Siimann suggested that"China Days" be held in Estonia where Chinese businessmen can introducebusiness opportunities in China. The Chinese Ambassador received the suggestiongladly.

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