The Prime Minister meets with the new Ambassador from the Czech Republic, December 11.12.1997

11.12.1997 | 00:00

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PRESS RELEASE, December 11, 1997

The Prime Minister meets with the new Ambassadorfrom the

Czech Republic.


After presenting his credentials to the President, Radek Pech, the newAmbassador to Estonia from the Czech Republic, paid a courtesy call todayon Prime Minister Siimann.

In their conversation, Siimann said that relations between Estonia andthe Czech Republic are good. He added that he still sees many unused opportunitiesin economic and commercial areas.

Pech, who resides in Helsinki, Finland, said that he, too, sees unusedopportunities in the economic relations between the two countries.

Pech was pleased that he could meet with Estonia's Prime Minister beforethe Luxembourg summit conference. He added that he expects positive newsfrom the summit meeting for both Estonia and the Czech Republic.

Siimann asked Pech to review for him the domestic political situationin the Czech Republic. Pech said that he believed the governmental crisisin his country will be solved quickly.

The Prime Minister and the Ambassador discussed how their governments,parliaments and populations regard the enlargement of EU and NATO. Siimannand Pech also discussed the matter of informing their peoples on the prosand cons of EU enlargement, and they agreed that the information must beobjective and free of strong propagandistic actions.

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