The Prime Minister meets with the Vatican representative, 11.12.1997

11.12.1997 | 00:00

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PRESS RELEASE, December 11, 1997.

The Prime Minister meets with the Vatican representative.


Prime Minister Siimann met today at Toompea with the Apostolic Nuncio,Archbishop Ervin Josef Ervin, who is the highest representative of theHoly See in the Baltic states.

The Archbishop and the Prime Minister expressed hope that a treaty willbe signed soon between Estonia and the Vatican on the presence of the RomanCatholic Church in Estonia.

Siimann introduced to the Archbishop Estonia's political and economicsituation, questions pertaining to European Union, relations with Russiaand matters concerning non-citizens.

Siimann said that Estonia has met all 30 OSCE High Commissioner's recommendationson minorities in Estonia.

The Archbishop expressed thanks to Siimann for Estonian government'sgood relations with the Roman Catholic Church in Estonia. Siimann saidthat Estonia has had very good relations with the Vatican for a long time.Diplomatic relations between Estonia and the Vatican were restored in 1991.

The Archbishop hoped that at the weekend's European Council meetingin Luxembourg Estonia will receive recognition for its successful reformpolicies.

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