Prime Minister Ratas greeted members of the Czech Air Force

11.12.2019 | 16:09

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Ämari Air Base, 11 December 2019 – Prime Minister Jüri Ratas visited the Ämari Air Base to be acquainted with the Czech Air Force squadron taking part in the Baltic Air Policing mission of NATO.

According to the prime minister, the defence cooperation between Estonia and the Czech Republic is long-term and strong. “Members of the Army of the Czech Republic are stationed in all Baltic countries under the NATO flag – in addition to air policing at Ämari, they are part of the NATO battlegroup in Latvia and Lithuania. This is an impressive contribution to the security of the region as well as all of NATO and goes to show that NATO works,” the prime minister said.

Ratas expressed his condolences to Czech ambassador Gabriela Tománková and all members of the Czech team regarding the hospital shooting that took place yesterday in Ostrava, the third largest city of the Czech Republic, and cost the lives of six people. The prime minister thanked the members of the Czech Air Force for their service and passed on the greetings from Andrej Babiš, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. Due to the tragic event, Babiš was forced to postpone his visit to Estonia, initially scheduled for 10–11 December.

Members of the Army of the Czech Republic are part of the Baltic Air Policing mission in Ämari for the first time. They took the reins from the air policing unit of the United Kingdom in September.

Photos from Ämari:

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