The Prime Minister Speaks at Forum 2001 11:10, 03.12.1999

03.12.1999 | 00:00

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Prime Minister Speaks at Forum 2001

Prime Minister Mart Laar, attending the EKE Ariko Forum, said in his speech that Estonia is leaving the transitional period behind at the end of the century, and is becoming a normal state. That means an end to imitating other countries, as we needed to do in 1992, in order to become like them, and the start of seeking out opportunities for becoming different from others, and better.

"A country that is confronted by choices, and not inevitabilities, is no longer a transitional country," said the Prime Minister. "Rather, it is a country that has a stable platform for progress."

Mart Laar analyzed the present situation and said that a new growth cycle is beginning in the economy. That will occur if Estonia manages to adhere to planned choices. Estonia s domestic market s orientation toward the market of a united Europe is a serious challenge to Estonia s businesses, while being at the same time a great opportunity.

The Prime Minister emphasized that in the near future, Estonia has seemingly conflicting tasks. On one hand, she has to make significant expenditures in the area of social reforms (retirement benefits, increase of benefits to families) and integration with the European structures, and on the other, to check fast economic growth with strict macroeconomics policies and a favorable business climate.

"That will not be an easy task, but it can be accomplished by investing in human resources and encouraging dialogue in our society," said Estonia s Prime Minister

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