Ratas on the digital results of Estonia’s presidency: very high-speed Internet connection, simpler and fairer tax system, and a broader selection of goods in web shops

14.12.2017 | 13:14

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Brussels, Belgium, 14 December 2017 – Today, in Brussels, at the presentation of the digital results of Estonia’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas highlighted the construction of the very high-speed 5G Internet connection, which brings the Internet and self-driving cars into the everyday lives of people.

According to Ratas, the payment of value added tax on the cross-border sale of goods will soon become simpler for undertakings. In addition, the European Union reached an agreement on how to update cross-border payment regulations in order to change the situation in which Internet businesses only pay income tax in the state in which they are registered, not where they earn their profit.

‘By Christmas of next year, the unfair, location-based restrictions on products and services in web shops will disappear’, continued the Prime Minister at the seminar listing the digital results of Estonia’s presidency, which was organised by Estonia’s presidential team together with the influential Centre for European Policy Studies. In addition, Ratas cited, among other things, the e-government joint resolution, which was signed in Tallinn, the Single Digital Gateway Agreement, and developments in cyber security cooperation.

Ratas explained that digital means improving the choices and lives of people, not the rise of the machines. ‘Digital solutions change all of society: from land use to space exploration, no walk of life remains untouched’, said Ratas, justifying Estonia’s decision to make digital solutions a recurring theme of its presidency.

During its presidency, Estonia focused on five interconnected digital fields: the free movement of data, smart European economy, e-commerce, e-government, and trust and security.

‘I am pleased to confirm that digital Europe and the free movement of data have become the goal of the whole of Europe’, said the Prime Minister.

The full speech by Prime Minister Jüri Ratas on the results of Estonia’s digital presidency: https://www.valitsus.ee/en/news/prime-minister-juri-ratas-speech-presenting-takeaways-estonias-programme-digital-europe

Photos from the seminar (author Tauno Tõhk): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/p7vaqprltfyn5dr/AAC1ave7Au-08JgU_T2OfUuSa?dl=0

This afternoon, Prime Minister Ratas will be participating in the final during Estonia’s presidency of the Council of the European Union, i.e. the meeting of European heads of state and government, where he will be giving an overview of digital developments and other results of the presidency. Read more:



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