Ratas meeting with Sipilä: Digital prescription exchange between Estonia and Finland could inspire all of the Nordic countries and the Baltic states

12.12.2017 | 12:16

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Paris, France, 12 December 2017 – ‘Starting next summer, Finnish digital prescriptions will be valid in Estonian pharmacies and in the summer of 2019 Estonian digital prescriptions will be available in Finnish pharmacies. The exchanging of such information between Estonia and Finland could serve to inspire the Nordic countries and Baltic states to further develop cross-border e-services.  We are already closely connected through economic and human relationships; therefore, the only correct path would be to continue moving forward, which would serve to benefit our residents’, said Prime Minister Jüri Ratas at yesterday’s meeting with Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipilä.

According to Prime Minister Ratas, Estonia and Finland already possess the necessary technical readiness for the exchanging of data, and now it is necessary to conclude more specific agreements between administrative agencies and conduct tests. I hope that, in addition to digital prescriptions, the exchanging of population and commercial register data, social and health insurance data, and maritime data between Estonia and Finland will soon become a reality’, said Ratas.

According to Ratas, the synergy of data exchange and e-services between the Nordic countries and Baltic states serves as an inspiring example to the whole of the European Union, with which we can quite practically demonstrate to other Member States how cross-border e-solutions serve to significantly simplify the everyday lives of people.

In addition to digital cooperation, Ratas and Sipilä also spent a longer period of time discussing the Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel project. The prime ministers are planning to meet again in February, along with representatives from companies and research institutions, to receive a more detailed overview of the tunnel project idea and the possibilities for the execution thereof.

Also under discussion at the meeting was the further expansion of trade related cooperation between Estonia and Finland, the development of a common investment region and the topics for the home stretch of Estonia’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union. ‘More in-depth discussions await us regarding the euro as the common currency, as well as the future of the economic and monetary union. The regulations of the economic and monetary union must be fulfilled and that which has been agreed upon earlier implemented. Even so, the preservation of the competitiveness of the economy and sufficient flexibility must be a part of the self-interest and responsibility of each country. This cannot be replaced by increasing the joint responsibility of the euro-zone countries, nor the emergency crisis measures of the European Central Bank. Even so, I agree that the monetary union must be strengthened’, said Ratas.

The prime ministers decided to organise a joint session of the governments in Finland, in May, in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of both countries and to look at the future together on topics such as cross-border digital solutions, artificial intelligence and cooperation between research institutions.

Ratas and Sipilä met prior to the Paris Climate Summit, which begins today. The central topic of the summit is managing climate changes and adapting to changes. State and government leaders are meeting in Paris to discuss how to support the development of innovation and technology with the help of companies and investors, to increase climate funding, and enhance the efficiency of emissions trading.

Prime Minister Ratas will arrive back in Estonia late this evening.

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Triin Oppi

Media Adviser to the Government