Risk of coronavirus outbreak rose to the orange or high level

29.07.2021 | 13:46

Stenbock House, 29 July 2021 – Due to the spread of the coronavirus, the risk level in Estonia has increased from yellow, or medium level, to orange, or high level, and the Government took note of the change in the risk level at today’s cabinet meeting.
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The orange risk level means that infections also spread outside of outbreaks within the community and restrictions will be established to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Anyone who has not yet done so should get vaccinated in order to protect themselves against the virus.

Unvaccinated people are advised to wear a mask indoors, avoid crowded and enclosed spaces, communicate with acquaintances outdoors, by phone or via the Internet, and work from home, if possible. Everyone is advised to eat healthy food, get sufficient exercise and rest, and wash their hands. Even with mild symptoms, you must stay at home, consult with a doctor, and take a test if COVID-19 is suspected. In addition, it is beneficial to use the HOIA mobile app, which will let you know if you have been in close contact with a coronavirus carrier while out and about.

The four-tiered system of risk levels is derived from the plan for the organisation of society under coronavirus conditions. Green, yellow, orange, and red are used to indicate low, medium, high, and very high risk, respectively. For each risk level, possible actions are suggested, which each person, institution, and state can take to help limit the spread of the coronavirus.

The assessment of the risk level is based on the average number of infections and deaths over the last seven days. In addition, the rate of positive tests, the number of people hospitalised, the number of COVID-19 patients hospitalised and on mechanical ventilation, and the share of those infected for 14 days with an undetected infection out of all infected people are taken into account. The risk level is reviewed by the Government once per week and it is published on the website kriis.ee.

Additional information:
Information on the high level of risk of the spread of the coronavirus is available on the website kriis.ee
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