Rõivas at the meeting with the Prime Minister of China: Estonia awaits the opening of the Chinese market

17.12.2014 | 13:22

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Belgrade, 17 December 2014 – Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas said at today’s meeting with Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China Li Keqiang in Belgrad that Estonia awaits the real opening of Chinese market for the Estonian goods, especially for agricultural products.

“Your confirmation that the doors of the Chinese market are open for the Estonian goods delights the Estonian manufacturers,” Prime Minister Rõivas said. “I believe that the Chinese side will rapidly carry out the procedures that currently prevent real trading between Estonia and China in the field of agriculture, and that the Estonian companies receive valid certificates for exporting their production to China.”
Rõivas confirmed that thanks to favourable environmental conditions and the use of high technology, the Estonian agricultural products are also of high quality.

“It is beneficial to both China and Estonia if China expands the import of high-quality agricultural products from Central and Eastern European countries, including from Estonia,” Rõivas said. “Granting export licences to our agricultural companies would be a major step forward in achieving this goal.”
Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China Li Keqiang said that the respective Chinese authorities are actively engaged in this issue.
Rõivas also said that now that the relations are even more active, the increased interest of the Chinese investors in Estonia is welcomed with an aim to promote the economic cooperation between China and Estonia. He confirmed that the Estonian business environment is one of the best in the European Union.
Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas also recognised the New Silk Road initiative, which aims to further integrate the Asian and European markets. “I believe that this project has the potential to bring China and Europe closer together and boost the economy of both parties,” Rõivas said.
The bilateral meeting of Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas and Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China Li Keqiang in Belgrade took place under the Summit of the Prime Ministers of China and countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
The cooperation format of sixteen Central and Eastern European countries and China enables to promote cooperation with China and serves as an additional communication channel to bilateral relations and the EU-China 2020 Strategic Agenda for Cooperation. On behalf of Europe, a total of five West-Balkan countries and eleven Member States of the European Union will participate in the work.

Photos from the meeting: http://bit.ly/1z2WBUt

Villu Känd

Government Communication Unit