Rõivas in the UN: The conflict in Ukraine requires international attention

13.12.2014 | 06:50

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New York, 12 December 2014 – Russia’s aggression in Ukraine is a problem that requires more attention from the United Nations (UN), Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas stated when meeting Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Jan Eliasson.

“The abundance of crises in the world is worrying, as well as our ability and willingness to resolve them and mitigate their effects,” Rõivas said. “It is particularly important for Estonia that the UN will keep its attention on the situation in Ukraine, but also in Syria, Iraq, Central African Republic, and elsewhere in crisis areas.”

Rõivas and Eliasson shared the view that the Member States should promote the protection of human rights and democratic values.

The United Nations (UN) was established in 1945 and its main objective is to ensure international peace and security, human rights and international cooperation and solve international problems of economic, social, cultural, and humane character. The organisation is headquartered in New York. A total of 194 countries belong to the UN.

Prime Minister Rõivas is visiting the US with a business delegation to develop economic and security cooperation between the two countries. The Prime Minister will return home on the evening of 14 December.

Tiina Ansip

Government Communication Unit