Russia`s Ambassador tells the Prime Minister who will co-chair the Intergovernmental Commission, 16.10.1998

16.10.1998 | 00:00

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Russia's Ambassador Tells thePrime Minister Who Will Co-chair
the Intergovernmental Commission.

October 16, 1998

Prime Minister Siimann met this morning at Toompea with Russian AmbassadorAlexei Gluchov who informed the Prime Minister officially of the appointmentof Valentina Matviyenko, a Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation,as the Russian cochairman of the Estonian-Russian Intergovernmental Commission.The Ambassador also announced that the Russian government had acceptedseveral agreements prepared by the joint commission and that they are readyfor signature.

Formerly, Valentina Matviyenko worked in the Foreign Ministry of theRussian Federation and before becoming a member of the government, sheserved as the Ambassador to Greece. "I believe that Valentina Matviyenkoaccepted the cochairman position with great interest and energy," saidGluchov. He added that, obviously, becoming acquainted with the situationwill take the cochairman a little time, but a meeting of the commission'scochairmen could take place in Tallinn in the near future.

The Prime Minister and the Ambassador also discussed the status of theborder treaty negotiations. Gluchov stated that the last meeting of theexperts in St. Petersburg was productive and he expressed hope that theremaining technical questions in the treaty will be answered soon.

The Prime Minister and the Ambassador also talked about Estonia's newForeign Minister. The Prime Minister said that he expects continued improvementin Estonian-Russian relations under the new Foreign Minister. From theRussian perspective, the Ambassador gave a positive evaluation to the appointmentof Raul Mälk as Foreign Minister. He mentioned Raul Mälk`s wealthof experiences in the area of Estonian-Russian relations.

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