Significantly updated: Employees temporarily posted to Ida-Viru County may use accommodation services despite the restrictions

17.12.2020 | 00:00

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Stenbock House, 17 December 2020 – The government took a decision during today’s cabinet meeting that will allow employees who are in Ida-Viru County, due to obligations arising from a contract entered into with a state agency, local government or an undertaking, to use accommodation services despite the restrictions. The order will enter into force on 18 December.

This exception is necessary so that people who work in Ida-Viru County, but do not live there permanently, can still fulfil their contractual obligations even during the time when restrictions are in place. Such people number in the dozens in Ida-Viru County; 110 employees temporarily posted to Ida-Viru County were living in the ten largest accommodation establishments in the county as at 12 December.

The term of an undertaking includes both natural persons who supply goods or services for a fee on their own behalf and for whom the sale of goods and provision of services is a permanent activity, as well as companies and other legal persons (such as a non-profit association or a foundation). Thus, upon entry into force of the changes, both a construction company and, for example, a farmer may accommodate the persons necessary for the performance of their contractual obligations within an accommodation establishment in Ida-Viru County. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications shall establish a control mechanism to check whether an employee is entitled to receive accommodation services.

Restrictions on accommodation establishments are in place in Ida-Viru County from 12 December to 3 January (included), unless the government decides otherwise. Currently, accommodation services may only be provided to people directly involved in emergency response, such as healthcare workers who have moved to Ida-Viru County from other parts of Estonia due to work obligations, as well as persons diagnosed with COVID-19 and their close contacts who want to stay in a hotel during quarantine. The restriction does not apply to persons who are staying in an accommodation establishment accommodated there by a local government or other state agency in order to receive services provided by a local government or other state agency. Additionally, you can also continue to live in the dormitory of an educational institution.

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