Siimann calls Matviyenko, 11.11.1998

11.11.1998 | 00:00

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Siimann Calls Matviyenko

November 11, 1998.

Prime Minister Mart Siimann today called Valentina Matviyenko, DeputyPrime Minister of the Russian Federation. Siimann and Matviyenko, who servesas the Russian cochairman of the Estonian-Russian Intergovernmental Commission,discussed the forthcoming commission's meeting in Tallinn, and the moneysowed by Ivangorod for water and sewage.

Siimann and Matviyenko expressed hope that the meeting of the commission`scochairmen will be constructive and that the chairmen can sign the firstbilateral agreements.

Speaking of money owed by Ivangorod to Narva Vesi Corporation, ValentinaMatviyenko stated that Leningrad County has been allocated 500,000 rublesto address the problem and 400,000 rubles per week will be allocated thereafteruntil the meeting of the Estonian-Russian Intergovernmental Commission'schairmen. According to Matviyenko, the Russian government will presentto Estonia after that an assistance proposal for the solution of the waterproblem.

According to Siimann, the government will discuss the problems relatedto Ivangorod`s debt at its 8 o'clock meeting tonight.

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