Prime Minister speech at the foot of the War of Independence Victory Column

24.02.2017 | 10:17

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Honourable President of the Republic, venerable president Rüütel!

Honourable President of the Riigikogu, your Excellencies!

Dear Estonian people!

I would like to congratulate you all on the 99th Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. Today is the day when we celebrate the birthday of our fatherland across Estonia and commemorate our ancestors who founded Estonia and fought for its freedom.

We know that the Republic of Estonia was not created without bloodshed, but instead, claimed a lot victims from our nation. Today, we commemorate thousands of people who gave their lives for our country or were injured during the Estonian War of Independence. Innumerable homes were destroyed and thousands of families torn during the time of war.

Estonia remembers and holds in high esteem all heroes of the War of Independence and founders of the Republic of Estonia. In the same way, we should never forget those brave Estonian servicemen who have fallen for our country and for a safer world.
For years now Europe has had to deal with bloody conflicts, which remind us that freedom and democratic rule of law should not be taken for granted. We have to understand the true price of our achievements and of an independent country.

I would therefore like to extend my gratitude to and acknowledge all of our international allies and partner. Great Britain, Finland, Sweden and Denmark helped us win the Estonian War of Independence. Today, we are an integral part of the European Union and NATO. We have to stand together in order to ensure a safe, free world.

I wish a dignified Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia to everyone in Estonia!

Let us protect and appreciate our fatherland and each and every person here.

Long live Estonia!

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