New information regarding the ferry MS Estonia

On September 28, 2020, new information based on journalistic material was published. A Discovery Network documentary about the M/S Estonia disaster in 1994 includes new underwater video images from the wreck site showing damage on the starboard side of the wreck. Estonia, Finland and Sweden have agreed that verification of the new information presented in the documentary will be made in accordance and full respect of the Agreement between the Republic of Estonia, the Republic of Finland and the Kingdom of Sweden regarding the M/S Estonia signed in 1995.

Press conference

Press conference of Prime Minister of Estonia Mr Jüri Ratas and Foreign Minister of Estonia Mr Urmas Reinsalu.

The Government is funding the investigation of additional circumstances surrounding MS Estonia with 3 million euros

Stenbock House, 4 February 2021

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The Secretary of State held his fourth meeting with the representatives of the victims of the Estonia ferry disaster

Stenbock House, 25 January 2021

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M/S Estonia Preliminary Assessment: Governments Informed about Possible Need of Underwater Surveys Deemed Necessary by Flag State

Estonian Safety Investigation Bureau, 18. December 2020

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The Secretary of State had a third meeting with representatives of victims and their relatives of the MS Estonia disaster

Stenbock House, 15. December 2020

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The Secretary of State informed the representatives of relatives about the preparations to investigate the new circumstances regarding the MS Estonia disaster

Stenbock House, 16 November 2020

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The State Secretary informed the representatives of the relatives of the Government’s decisions in preparation for further investigation of the ferry Estonia

Stenbock House, 9 October 2020

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The government will submit a proposal to Finland and Sweden to further investigate MS Estonia

Stenbock House, 6 October 2020

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Safety investigation authorities will conduct preliminary assessment regarding new information on M/S Estonia

Estonian Safety Investigation Bureau, 2 October 2020

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Government supported the continuation of preparations for the further investigation of the ferry  MS Estonia

Stenbock House, 1 October 2020

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Statement by Foreign Ministers of Estonia, Finland and Sweden

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 28. September 2020

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Experts first remarks 

18. September 2020, Oslo

By Kristjan Tabri, Tauri Roosipuu, Märten Vaikmaa, Ingmar Pill, Mart Luik. The remarks were made immediately after seeing the video and the conclusions are not based on a thorough analysis. The document has no official status.

Last updated: 08.03.2021