The European Council will focus on energy prices and migration

21.10.2021 | 12:09

Stenbock House, 21 October 2021 – Today and tomorrow, Prime Minister Kaja Kallas will take part in the European Council meeting in Brussels, which will focus on COVID-19, digital issues, migration, energy prices, foreign trade, and foreign relations.
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According to Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, the most important topics of the Council are high energy prices and the issue of migration. “We need to find long-term solutions across Europe to ensure the security of energy supply and stable prices, and to reduce energy dependence on third countries,” said the prime minister.

Migratory pressures from Belarus and cooperation with third countries to prevent migration will also be discussed. Further solutions are needed to strengthen the external borders of the European Union, such as a standard for guarding the external borders and additional funding for this infrastructure. “In addition to strengthening the external border, it is important for Estonia to strengthen cooperation with the main countries of origin and transit to prevent illegal immigration.”

In addition, the heads of state and government will discuss accelerating vaccination against the coronavirus, donating vaccines to third countries, and mutual recognition of COVID-19 certificates with third countries.

The Council will continue discussions on the issues of the digital revolution in the European Union, where the issues of data interoperability and trusted connectivity are important for Estonia to ensure competitiveness. With regard to external trade and relations, the main focus is on the international competitiveness of the Union.

Before the Council, the prime minister will attend the Renew Europe meeting and discuss with the Nordic and Baltic heads of state and government the issues of the Council. On Friday evening, the prime minister, together with the prime ministers of the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Ireland, will participate in the congress ‘175 years of liberalism’.

The prime minister will return to Estonia on the late evening of 22 October.

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