The government agreed on the necessary measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus

18.02.2021 | 16:58

Stenbock House, 18 February 2021 – At a cabinet meeting today, the government agreed on the necessary measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus, which will take effect on Monday.
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According to Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, the coronavirus is spreading all over Estonia and the number of infections is high. “In order to slow down the spread of the infection, we decided to take temporary measures where the risk of infection is greatest, instead of implementing strict restrictions. The rules set by the government are designed to ensure that our health care system can withstand the burden,” said the prime minister.

At the same time, Kallas emphasised that everyone’s own behaviour has the greatest impact on the spread of the virus. “I ask everyone to reduce contact with other people, stay more at home, wash your hands, and wear a mask to reduce the risk of the virus being transmitted. I also call on employers to allow employees to work remotely if possible, because workplaces are one of the main places where infections occur,” she said. “In order to avoid stricter restrictions, it is essential to comply with the current restrictions. Dispersal of people, masks, and reduced number of contacts are the only way to keep society and the economy open.”


On the proposal of the scientific council, the government decided that after the end of the school holidays, there would be no on-site teaching in school buildings for one week from the 5th grade onwards to stop the spread of infection. Thus, students may not to be in the buildings of general education schools from 1–7 March.

The restriction does not apply to grade 1–4 students or when students need educational support services or, in the opinion of the teacher, counselling to achieve learning outcomes, participate in practical training, take examinations or tests, or participate in Olympiads.

Hobby education and activities, refresher training and refresher courses, and youth work and sports

Group activities in the form of hobby education and activities, refresher training and courses, youth work and sports for children, young people, and adults are not permitted for at least the next two weeks.

Indoor events are allowed for a maximum of 200 people. Hobby education and activities, refresher training and courses, youth work and sports activities can be organised for up to 250 people, provided that the requirement for people to disperse is complied with. The same applies to outdoor sports competitions.

Public gatherings and services

Public gatherings and services with non-stationary seating are allowed indoors at a maximum occupancy of 50%. No more than 200 people may attend indoor gatherings at the same place. Outdoor events are allowed for up to 250 people, but they must be dispersed.


The same rules, i.e. the requirement of 50% occupancy and the limit of 200 people for indoor events and 250 people for outdoor events, also apply at the places and times when entertainment services are provided. The requirements apply to the provision of entertainment services in both public and non-public places.


The 50% occupancy rule will apply from next week in catering establishments. In addition, the government considers it necessary to implement targeted monitoring of compliance with the requirements in force in catering establishments.

Saunas, swimming pools, spas, and water parks

For the next two weeks, only sports activities are allowed in saunas, spas, swimming pools, and water parks intended for public use, provided that the rules applicable sports activities are followed.

The restriction does not apply to professional sports activities taking place in the competitive system of sports governing bodies, including members and candidates of adult and youth Estonian national teams and big league teams, as well as disabled people.

These decisions were made in principle at the government cabinet meeting. The government will officially issue a corresponding order in the near future.

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