Kaja Kallas is visiting the United States

12.07.2021 | 15:22

Stenbock House, 12 July 2021 – This week, Prime Minister Kaja Kallas is on a visit to the United States, where she will meet with the representatives of the US Congress and give a speech at the Atlantic Council.
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On Tuesday and Wednesday, Kallas will meet with Jack Reed and James Inhofe, Chairmen of the Senate Armed Services Committee in Washington, Senator Chuck Grassley, Co-Chair of the Senate Baltic Freedom Caucus, and Ruben Gallego and Don Bacon, Co-Chairs of the House Baltic Caucus and members of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The purpose of the meetings is to discuss Estonian–US defence co-operation and the security situation in the Baltic Sea region in general. Under the leadership of Senator Grassley and members of the House of Representatives Ruben Gallego and Don Bacon, the Baltic Security Initiative was established in Congress last year to support the defence capabilities of the Baltic States. The Armed Services Committee of the Senate and the House of Representatives will decide upon its continuation in the coming months.

On Wednesday, Kallas will speak at the Atlantic Council on digital policy and international relations and introduce the Tallinn Digital Summit taking place in the autumn. The live transmission is available here: https://www.atlanticcouncil.org/event/trusted-connectivity-securing-digital-infrastructure-in-an-era-of-strategic-competition-with-china/.

In the second half of the week, Kallas will participate in the Yellowstone Weekend, an international conference of opinion leaders.

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