Kallas at a meeting with the American Chamber of Commerce in Estonia: we wish to set an example of the new economy

03.09.2021 | 00:00

Stenbock House, 3 September 2021 – Meeting with members of the American Chamber of Commerce in Tallinn today, Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said that Estonia wants to set an example of the new economy and is preparing to use all opportunities of green policy and the digital revolution to move to a more sustainable economy and increase investment and business competitiveness.
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Kallas expressed hope that as vaccination progresses, countries will be able to focus on the implementation of green policy and the digital revolution again. “They offer new business opportunities and great growth potential, and entrepreneurs have an important role to play in making these changes a reality,” she said.

According to the prime minister, Estonia wants to set an example of the new economy. “For the transition to a greener economy and the achievement of climate goals, we are working with scientists and entrepreneurs to create a holistic view that will give us a clear plan to lay the foundations for new business models and competitiveness,” said the prime minister.

As part of the green revolution, Estonia will invest 1.8 billion euros with European Union funds to save energy, ensure lower costs, and protect the environment. The state will direct an additional 235 million euros to Ida-Viru County for investments and job creation, and to move from traditional sectors, such as the oil shale industry, to new areas.

“A few weeks ago, we celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of the restoration of independence of Estonia. We can be very proud of the economic success we have achieved during this time. It has been based on a responsible budget policy, an attractive business environment, openness to new ideas and investments, the establishment of digital and physical connections, and the best students and teachers in the world,” Kallas pointed out.

The prime minister emphasised that in the context of the coronavirus crisis, the Estonian e-state and our e-services have become even more important. They allowed access to public services and enabled our citizens to continue learning, communicating, and working during the restrictions. “The continued development of the digital state is a common challenge for the public and private sectors. We can see that the level of adoption of digital solutions by our private sector and industrial companies is below the average of the European Union countries. We need to analyse the reasons for this and catch up with the European Union,” said Kallas. She noted that the digitalisation of the industry will help to increase productivity and turnover.

The prime minister added that the United States is the most important ally and important trading partner of Estonia. However, there is room for development both in increasing the exports of Estonian companies and in increasing the share of investments from the US to Estonia. “I hope to meet the United States Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo at the Tallinn Digital Summit taking place in a few days to further strengthen economic relations between the two countries,” said Kallas.

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