The government supported the updating of the EU Council Recommendation on travel restrictions related to the prevention of COVID-19

08.06.2021 | 17:22

Stenbock House, 8 June 2021 – The government supplemented the views of Estonia on measures concerning travel within the European Union. They concern a coordinated approach by Member States to restricting free movement in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19.
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The aim of amending the EU Council Recommendation is to gradually ease travel restrictions, taking into account the improvement of the epidemiological situation, the progress of vaccination, and the introduction of the EU COVID digital certificate.

The government supports the updating of the EU Council Recommendation with a view to facilitating free movement within the European Union while preventing the cross-border spread of COVID-19. The government attaches importance to the coordinated easing of travel restrictions and the harmonisation of rules while ensuring the protection of public health in the event of an outbreak of new virus strains or if the epidemiological situation deteriorates.

Passengers proving vaccination on the basis of the EU digital certificate (last dose of vaccine received 14 days before entry), recovery from COVID-19, or taking a negative test should be exempted from travel-related testing and isolation requirements, regardless of which EU Member State they come from.

The government supports the relaxation of the criteria for defining low-risk areas (green risk category). For high-risk areas (red, dark red, and grey risk categories), the government prefers to maintain the option of self-isolation and post-arrival testing for individuals who do not have a vaccination or recovery status certificate. 

In addition, the proposals provide for a so-called emergency brake mechanism. In accordance with this, testing and self-isolation may also be required for people with evidence of vaccination and recovery in the event of an outbreak of new virus strains or if the epidemiological situation deteriorates. 

More information on the proposals presented by the European Commission on 31 May to update travel restrictions:

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