Prime Minister discussed solutions to keep society open with business and cultural sector representatives

12.08.2021 | 14:46

Stenbock House, 12 August 2021 – Yesterday afternoon, Prime Minister Kaja Kallas met with representatives from the sectors affected by the coronavirus crisis to discuss the implementation of the so-called White Paper, the ‘Plan for the organisation of social life in the face of the spread of the coronavirus’, and the solutions for keeping society as open as possible.
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‘I would like to thank our partner organisations for the thorough work that many of them have already done to develop the rules on infection safety in their respective areas. Our common desire is to keep life in Estonia as open as possible, and to ensure that all sectors benefit from this openness. To achieve this, we need the support and help of businesses, the cultural sector and civil society,’ said Prime Minister Kaja Kallas. ‘It is those who have suffered the most during the crisis who have the most accurate vision of how to organise activities to keep the risk of the spread of coronavirus in Estonia as low as possible,’ she added.

Sectoral codes of conduct have already been drawn up by, for example, the Estonian Traders’ Association, the Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association and the Estonian Spa Association, the Estonian Marketing Association, the Estonian Convention Bureau, Eesti Näituste AS, and the Estonian Travel and Tourism Association.

At today’s meeting, representatives from the above organisations stressed that the most important thing for them is to be able to work without interruption, to be able to plan their activities in the long term, and to avoid mass closings. Among other things, they expressed their willingness to help spread the vaccination message. In turn, the Prime Minister called on the parties to be bolder when it comes to sharing the best practices and experiences in their respective fields.

The parties agreed that, under the auspices of the Government Office, simple and understandable posters with sectoral codes of conduct and a common visual identity will be created to make it easier for both customers and employees to find their way around.

A COVID survey carried out by the Government Office in June showed that 51% of people were aware of the risk scoring system( In addition, the messages associated with the White Paper are increasingly being heard in the communications of event organisers and trade associations. 

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Estonian Association of Performing Arts Institutions, the Estonian Film Institute, the Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association, the Estonian Contemporary Art Development Centre, the Estonian Traders’ Association, the Estonian Olympic Committee, the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, the Estonian Spa Association, the Estonian Travel and Tourism Association, the Estonian Employers' Confederation, Music Estonia, the Museum Council, and the Estonian Marketing Association.


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